Thursday, May 2, 2013

Lute Loop will be color run this year

By Valery Jorgensen, News Writer

Paint will be everywhere this evening at the Lute Loop Color Run, a 5K run or 2K walk put on by Lute Fit.
A traditional Pacific Lutheran University event, Lute Loop organizers have transformed it to resemble the official Color Run that happens around the United States.
The planning committee changed it to make the event “a little more fun and exciting,” Ray Lader, a committee member of Lute Fit, said.

An official Color Run is a competitive run where competitors are covered in powder paint at the finish line.
The paint is thrown at competitors and fills the air, creating a fun and colorful atmosphere.
At the Lute Loop Color Run, which takes place behind the track on lower campus, participants will have paint tossed at them multiple times. Two paint stations will be spaced apart on the loop and a final paint station near the end of the race.
5K runners will get hit seven times with paint while 2K runners will get tossed with paint three times. The paint is a powdered, biodegradable, non-toxic paint.
Participants who want color tossed at them should wear white. This allows the volunteers to know who wants paint tossed at them and allows the color to show up better, according to an email sent to pre-registered participants.
“I am excited for the color. I have seen lots of pictures but this is going to be the first time I run it myself,” senior Robin Niclasen said.
Unlike the official Color Run, this is an event focused on fun.
“The atmosphere was super fun and welcoming,” junior Leah Newell said of last year’s Lute Loop.
Lader said it is geared toward the “ability to come out and have a good time. You can run, you can do whatever, but we are not going to be competitive at all.”
When runners or walkers arrive they will be required to check in. Registration begins at 4 p.m. in the center of the track.
There will be no assigned numbers to wear like at typical competitive races, Lader said. People running the event will not be keeping track of specific times either. Students may bring their own clock if they wish to time themselves.
The Lute Loop Color Run is a free event for students. About $2,000 has been spent on the event so far.
“We wanted to provide an opportunity for students to be engaged in an event for free,” Lader said.
Last year, 175 people attended the Lute Loop event, which Lader said was one of the biggest turnouts.
For this year’s event, more than 425 people had pre-registered by last Friday. “It has just been a huge success already, and it’s just going to make the event so much better,” Lader said.
There will also be vendors and music at the event.
“I am pumped for this year since it is now a color run,” Newell said. “It’s going to be a blast.”


4 p.m. - registration begins in the center of the track

5 p.m. - warm-ups begin

5:15 p.m. - race begins