Thursday, April 25, 2013

SIDEWALK TALK: What do you think of Brad Henning coming to PLU?

"I don't know how I feel about health-related talks only supported by religious/faith-based organizations, because it gives the impression that the beliefs are skewing the presentation." --Emma DaFoe, sophomore

"I think it's amazing. I saw him my sophomore year in high school and the man is a genius. He knows a lot more about life than a lot of people I know." --Reggie Collins, first-year.

"I know a little about the event because I haven't been exposed to it. A lot of people are upset because of what he is going to talk about." --Alliy Green, junior.

"I'm a WGS major. I think that everyone should have a right to speak at PLU, but I feel that abstinence-only education doesn't have to come with sexism, racism and homophobia."--Nina Hartsel, senior.

"I think it's okay so long as it encourages dialogue about people's choices." --Ariel Roberts, senior.