Thursday, April 11, 2013

One acts came together 'All in the Timing'

By Katelynn Padron, Guest Writer
Real life, humorously portrayed, is the central theme of the five acts that make up “All in the Timing.” Playwright David Ives penned the play and junior David Gordon is directing. 

Though there is not a uniform plot line throughout the play, Gordon said the acts are “connected in the things that they talk about and the way they look at the world.”
Events such as love, life, death and crises are explored.   

In theater productions, “you get to see life kind of condensed and amplified,” Gordon said.
Sophomore Ryan Sundberg, an actor in Gordon’s production of “All in the Timing,” said the production is unique because of its minimalism.
“It talks about simple things we see in everyday life but in a way that is really different and really funny,” he said.
The play also presents an intriguing perspective on music, Sundberg said.
“A lot of it has to do with interpersonal relationships,” first-year Hannah Jeske said. “How critical moments can change the course of the relationship.” Jeske is one of about a dozen students involved in the production.
One of the acts, called “English Made Simple,” Gordon said, consists of “two people saying things to each other that we don’t dare to say out loud most of the time.”
“All in the Timing” is entirely student run. “It gives it a unique freedom,” Jeske said, because “the actors get to contribute a lot as well as the director.”
Though this is not an official theater department production, the cast and crew of “All in the Timing” have received support from the department, Gordon said.
He had hoped, Gordon said, for “All in the Timing” to be chosen to be the Vpstart Crow — pronounced Upstart Crow — production.  Vpstart Crow is a theater program that funds one student-run production per year.
This year, Vpstart Crow chose another Pacific Lutherna University student-run production, “Crave,” for the honor.
When Vpstart did not select “All in the Timing,” Gordon decided to proceed with the project on his own. 
There was plenty of talent not being utilized by other theater productions, Gordon said, which is why he embarked on his first directing experience.
Gordon held casting in February, and there have been five rehearsals a week since then.
Students should come to see “All in the Timing,” junior Kendra Phillips said, because “it’s going to be relaxing. They’re going to unwind — just sit and watch and enjoy and laugh.” Phillips is taking part in several acts.
Phillips said she appreciates the fact that the author of “All in the Timing,”  Ives, “doesn’t try to explain all of the silliness going on.”