Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Mast Spring Sports Pick 'em: March 22, 2013

By Nathan Shoup, Sports Editor

 Six of eight contestants said the baseball team would win two games against Whitworth last weekend. After winning both games on Saturday, the Lutes were potentially one hit from winning Sunday as well. But that hit didn’t come, so six of the eight contestants were right.

Olsufka said the Lutes would sweep and DenAdel said the Lutes would win once. So it is no coincidence the two are tied for last place at 1-3.

The dominant sports story of the week is the NCAA men’s basketball tournament, so it is no surprise the question of the week comes from the tournament. The second round started yesterday and concludes today before giving way to the third round on Saturday and Sunday.

Everyone loves a Cinderella story. Everyone roots for the underdog. Everyone wants to see the powerhouses fall. Nobody can predict which teams will pull off these upsets.

That is the exciting part of the tournament. Which no-name team will rock the college basketball world? We can guess but nobody knows.

So this week, we asked our participants what is the lowest seed that will win in the second and third round and advance to the Sweet 16. I picked 14 seed, Valparaiso to advance to the Sweet 16.

To do so, the Crusaders will need to knock off Duke and the winner of the Creighton, Cincinnati game in the third round. Filling out a bracket takes courage.

The contestants like a 12 seed this year. The 12 seeds are Oregon, Ole Miss, California and Akron.