Friday, March 1, 2013

Student club partners with nonprofit to provide care packages for AIDS patients

By Denae McGaha, Guest Writer

Around the world, over 33 million people are living with HIV-AIDS.

Intervarsity Christian Fellowship, one of PLU’s religious clubs, partnered with World Vision, a Christian humanitarian nonprofit, to run the Feb. 21 Caregiver’s Kit event in the Anderson University Center. Students volunteered by assembling the "caregiver’s kits" — bags of supplies volunteers use to care for AIDS victims in Africa.

Over 30 students gathered to assemble the kits. Some were merely looking for an event to attend that night. Others were drawn for spiritual reasons.

"Jesus loves the poor, and this is a way that we can love the poor," senior Bethany Joy-Powell said. She and others said they were glad for the opportunity to do just that.

Participants carefully filled the bags with basic but valuable supplies, including latex gloves, bars of soap and washcloths. Each package contained a handwritten note of encouragement as well — an item said to be much appreciated.

Sophomore Emily Ames was encouraged by the turnout. "College students do have resources, and there are ways we can use them," she said. "[They] can do a whole lot more than they think they can."

WorldVision sent 110 kits to the caregivers.