Friday, March 8, 2013

Student band finds local fanship on Garfield Street

by Cole Chernushin, Guest Writer
Mister Master put Northern Pacific Coffee Company (NPCC) in an uproar at their show on February 23.

The band of students consists of Pacific Lutheran University seniors Brandt Parke, Nick Barene and Mark Christensen as well as University of Washington student Sam Grose. They played so loudly sound resonated to the wooden benches near the Garfield Market Parking lot, where passerbys could hear the sound with ample clarity.

Between the four band members of Mister Master lies over 40 years of experience. Though the band has only been playing with their current line up for a little over two months now, this group of dedicated musicians already has a sound worth tuning in to.

People sipped anything from microbrews to hot cocoas as they lined nearly every inch of NPCC’s linoleum floor. The doorway smelled of cigarettes, espresso and people.

On stage Parke ripped a solo from the strings of a slick, red electric guitar to a chorus of applause. The bearded man behind the counter waited for a break in between songs before asking the band just how many of them can drink beer.

Several eager patrons proceeded to buy the first round for the half of Mister Master that is more than 21. Both Brandt and Grose continued to play, and their fingers disappeared in a blur of music.

Barene danced around, wailing vocals from his deepest cockle on every corner of the crammed stage. It was difficult to hear Christensen playing percussion behind the wall of sound being produced in front of him. Come the end of their set, NPCC housed enough energy to fuel an atomic bomb.

The band describes themselves as sounding somewhere between Hendrix and Soundgarden.

"Brandt and I often trade material and put things together that way," Barene said. "Then we bring in these guys and we shuffle it around a little bit more until we like how it sounds."

The band's next obstacle is just staying together, as both Christensen and Brandt graduate next fall. They all said they remain hopeful their band will continue.

"Music is something that’s important to all four of us. As long as that remains true, we will find the time to make music together." Christensen said. "I can’t stand the thought of being down the road having not taken any risks on this"

Regardless of whether or not Mister Master ever breaks into the music scene, this band will be around for the benefit of any students who will listen.

The Facebook page for Mister Master features more information about when this band will be performing at any number of local venues, and anyone can listen to one of their recorded songs.

Their next show is set for next Friday at Salmon Bay Eagles Club in Ballard. The show starts at 9 p.m., and is free of charge.