Friday, March 8, 2013

The Mooring Mast Spring Pick 'em: March 8, 2013

The Washington Huskies beat Washington State 72-68 on Sunday, but that hardly makes UW the best basketball team in the state.

It’s all about Gonzaga right now. The new No. 1 team in the nation is on the fast track to a one seed in the NCAA tournament.

But our league did not pick whether or not Gonzaga would be voted the best team in the country. It picked who would win the Washington and Washington State game on Sunday.

Schoepp and Olsufka were the only two contestants to pick the Cougars, so they dropped to 1-2. DenAdel, Tacuyan and Hegge finally got in the win column with their Husky predictions.

This week we are mixing it up. Instead of picking a particular game, the league is predicting how many games they think the softball team is going to win in Georgia this weekend.

The Lutes play No. 13 Emory (19-0) at 8 a.m. today followed by a game against Kean, which will be playing its first game of the season. The Cougars finished 24-19 last season.

On Saturday, the Lutes play Hiram (5-1) at 7 a.m. The Lutes play a team to be determined on Sunday before flying home.

If you have suggestions for the game of question of the week, tweet them to @MastSports.

If your question is selected, it will run in next week’s paper.