Friday, March 1, 2013

Late-night programming a hole in one

Evening events aim to entertain students

By Camille Adams, A&E Writer

One need not look any further than the Anderson University Center (AUC) on weekend nights to avoid the throes of boredom.

Late-Night Programming offers students a chance to participate in fun, cost free activities, such as zumba, laughter yoga and laser tag.

The program is one of Pacific Lutheran University’s student leadership options, providing an arena for creative Lutes to plan evening and weekend events for others as a team throughout the year.

Last Friday, PLU students gathered in the upper AUC to show off their prowess at mini golf.

Golfers toted child-sized, brightly colored plastic golf "bags" and putters. Miniature holes with matching greens were set up at various spots, including several in the CK.

While it may seem simple at first glance, many students found themselves tested by the task of landing their golf balls into the holes, or in this case, plastic cups.

Junior Lauren Berg was confident in her mini golfing abilities. "I’m getting a hole in one every time." Berg said, "how can you beat mini golf on a Friday night?"

Late-Night Programmer, senior Amy Larson, said the student attendance for mini golf was around average with about 30 to 35 people there. Larson said, "we have events that 10 people come to and events that 75 people come to."

As one of three Late-Night Programmers, Larson brainstorms and executes creative activities designed to appeal to the student body.

While the goal of Late-Night Programmers like Larson is to keep the student population entertained and informed, some said they feel more could be done to spread the word about Late-Night events.

One attendee, first-year Virak Pheng, said, "only some people knew about this event. They should make it more known to the people so a lot more will join."

To get involved with Late-Night Programming, simply "like" their page on Facebook, or keep an eye out for posters on the Impact boards to stay informed on upcoming events.

Late-Night Programming will host a giant volleyball game in the field house of Olson Gymnasium on March 8.