Thursday, March 14, 2013

Eastvold construction site opens to the public

   The construction team opened Eastvold’s doors to Pacific Lutheran University this week to give tours of the site.

 by Reland Tuomi, Guest Writer  

    “I would like to go on the tour,” sophomore Katie Tomaselli said. “I’m eager to see what Eastvold will look like.”

    Upon entering the east side of the site, John Kaniss, director of construction management, explained to the tour group the layout of the new lobby. It will be twice the size of the previous one, with an elevator shaft that will go all the way to the chapel on the top floor.

    The upper mezzanine, or upper balcony level of the audience, will have glass encasing the entire outer openings, effectively turning it into a sunroom. The inner openings will be entrances to the auditorium’s balcony seating.

    The costume room will be located on the upper level, and will be larger than the previous one, with windows looking out over Hinderlie hill. Below the costume room will be the offices for the theatre department faculty, which will also overlook the stage.

    The stage is large with plenty of backstage area. There will be trap doors in the floor for dramatic effect during performances.

    Below the stage, there is a mechanical platform that will lower into the orchestra pit for larger instruments.

    There are also dressing rooms under the stages, as well as restrooms and showers.

    Construction on Eastvold began last September to make improvements on the building, and Kaniss said he expects construction to be completed by late July or early August. Eastvold will then reopen in September.

    Students living on campus have their own opinions about Eastvold.

    “I’m excited to see the finished product,” Whitney Madden, a resident assistant in Ordal, said. “I want to see what it looks like, but I’m also excited for the construction to be finished so I’m not woken up in the early morning.”