Friday, February 15, 2013

The Mast Spring Sports Pick 'em

by Nathan Shoup, Sports Editor
     In the fall, The Mooring Mast selected seven athletic figures on the PLU campus to compete in the first ever Mast Monday Night Football pick ‘em. They were also referred to as the Post Sunday Society.

    The seven contestants picked the Monday Night Football game every week and were ranked depending on how well they picked the games. Allison McDaniel was the champion with a record of 9-2.

    This spring we are doing much of the same, but since football season has clearly ended, the new participants will be selecting spring athletic events chosen by the sports desk.

    Games chosen will range from PLU baseball games to NCAA Div. I basketball games. We will try to pick the most highly-anticipated matchup of the given week.

    We bolstered the roster from seven to eight participants this semester in hopes of a creating a little more competition.

    The game selected this week is the men’s basketball season finale Saturday night against Lewis and Clark in Olson Auditorium. 

    Lewis and Clark (14-9, 8-6) is tied for the fourth and final playoff spot in the NWC.  The Pioneers have everything to lose. PLU (7-16, 5-9) is in sixth place and playing for pride on senior night.

    Our group this year is either really confident about the Lutes’ chances Saturday night, or they are all scared to be heckled for picking against the Lutes. Isaksen is caught in the middle a little bit with this pick as a member of the basketball team, but that comes with the territory of joining the prestigious Mast spring sports pick ‘em.

    A creative name will have to be created for this group as well. Who has ideas?