Friday, December 7, 2012

WINNER: The Mast Monday Night Football pick ‘em

 Allison McDaniel wins Post Sunday Society title, correctly guessed the final nine games of league season

By Nathan Shoup, Sports Editor

Allison McDaniel wins the first Mooring Mast Monday Night 

Football pick 'em championship. Photo by Nathan Shoup.

She could do no wrong. Eventually.
    In the first pick of the season, McDaniel picked the Broncos over the Falcons in Peyton Manning’s return to Monday Night Football. The Broncos fell 27-21.
    In the second pick of the season, McDaniel picked Green Bay over Seattle. You may call it the Fail Mary game, but the Packers, and McDaniel, were robbed of a victory in a 14-12, Seahawks win.
    Following the Seattle game, McDaniel correctly guessed nine games in a row.
    McDaniel finished the season 9-2. Over that same 11-week span, ESPN NFL reporter Adam Schefter went 7-4.
    Every week, McDaniel had the most animated picks.
    “I PICK THE PANTHERSSSSSSSSSSSSS,” she said in her email submission last week.
    These emails and other variations of it were constants throughout the season.
    Maybe it was her excitement that won her The Mooring Mast Monday Night Football pick’ em championship. Maybe it was devout research for each game. Maybe it was pure luck.
    Either way, she is the first Post Sunday Society champion ever.