Thursday, November 29, 2012

White ribbons raise awareness against violence

By Erica Winscot, Guest Writer

    At Pacific Lutheran University, violence and emotional abuse against women and children is not overlooked.
    During the White Ribbon Campaign, which runs from Nov. 25 through Dec. 6, participants pledge to never commit, condone or remain silent about the violence that has resulted in scarring, mutilation and even death.
    Jonathan Grove, the Men Against Violence program coordinator, started the campaign at PLU and has been leading it for seven years through the women’s center.
    The campaign spread worldwide during 1991, when men all across Canada wore the white ribbon to signify they had taken the pledge.
    The white ribbon campaign is unique in that it is composed primarily of men.
    MAPPE (Men as Partners Promoting Equality), a student-led organization, is hosting  tabling throughout this week to spread awareness.
    Many men in the PLU community said they participate in the effort to stop violence towards women.
    “I don’t want the actions of few boys to show for me as a man,” sophomore Joe Basler, an advocate and PLU leader in this campaign, said.
    Grove said, “these are not issues to be owned by one party, one gender or one agency. These are human issues and we all suffer their consequences.”
    The Men Speak Out Facebook page and the women’s center provide resources for students interested in becoming more involved.