Friday, November 16, 2012

The Mast Monday Night Football Pick 'em

by Nathan Shoup, Sports Editor
Gutierrez is out. McDaniel is in.
For the first time in the history of the Post Sunday Society, Gutierrez does not sit in first place.
McDaniel, who started the season 0-2, has not missed in the past seven weeks. She owns a one-game lead over the entire field.
Only two weeks remain after this week for the Post Sunday Society, and it is fair to say that anyone could win the title.
 Last week, the league picked the Sunday Night Football game, because the consensus was that Pittsburgh would roll over Kansas City on Monday Night Football. The Steelers narrowly won 16-13 in overtime.
The Sunday Night Football game between Houston and Chicago proved to be, well, boring. The Texans won 13-6 in a downpour.
An argument could be made that the player of the game was Houston’s punter, Donnie Jones’.
Houston’s quarterback, Matt Schaub, completed six more passes than Jones eight punts.
After such a “thrilling” game last week, it is fitting the Bears would play on Monday Night Football this week.
Dickerson and Gutierrez are the only two who picked the Bears last week and picked them again this week.