Thursday, November 29, 2012

Prepare for your future by trying new things

By Makenzie Landis, MastTV Multimedia Editor

    This is my last column before I go off into the big world, and I wanted to use it to bestow upon you a little nugget of wisdom.
    Life doesn’t always pan out the way you expect. Most of us start college with a plan and a vague idea of who we are. Four years later, those plans are long forgotten, and we enter the world with a new one.
    I am a political science major who happened to fall in love with journalism. This romance was not expected, but it is love nonetheless. What was once a class project I dreaded, blossomed into a full-fledged relationship.
    They say we should find a career in what we enjoy, but the fact is we should also enjoy what we do. There are things that we want to make a career out of, and other things that we choose to keep in our lives for the love of it. 
    I never expected to get involved at a school newspaper. When I was growing up, my education was neglected and I was passed through the school system without learning how to read or write.
    After a frustrating struggle with illiteracy through elementary and middle school, I taught myself with a combination of picture books and Hooked on Phonics, and now I am writing for an audience.
    While making video at Mast TV has been my passion for years, writing for The Mooring Mast terrified me. It took me out of my comfort zone. At the end of the day it allowed me to grow as a writer and storyteller.
    The Mooring Mast taught me to expand my political outlook and grow my fundamental reasoning. It taught me how to better express my thoughts and opinions. Through this experience I was able to grow and add to my preparation for a career in politics.
    Pacific Lutheran University has given me the unique opportunity to get involved in student media.
    It allowed me to earn successes and learn from my failures.
     The trick is to see everything, even a momentary failure, as an experience that can enrich your knowledge and skills. It is through accepting failure and trying again that we mature.
    Dealing with failure can be one of the toughest trails we face. We invest so much time and energy into a product that it is hard to see the door close.
    Everything in college is preparing us for the real world. In my future career and job search, countless doors will be closed in my face. But countless others will be opened. We need to make those failures count so we can learn from them now in order to make fewer mistakes in the real world.
    Life is a continuous and never-ending learning experience. It is something we should all be eager to embrace.
PLU is the playground in which you need to try new things and explore all of your opportunities.    
    You’ll never know what new passions will find their way into your life. The real world will not be as generous or as forgiving, so seize all the chances you have now.
    If I never wrote for The Mooring Mast, I would have never found a love for a new skill.
    Take that art class, get involved in a club, and check out student media. Who knows? You may even like it.