Thursday, November 29, 2012

Potter leads senior-less Lutes

By Brandon Adam, Sports Writer

    Junior post Samantha Potter is one of the captains on Pacific Lutheran’s women’s basketball team.
    Potter is confident in her role as captain despite the fact the team does not have any seniors.
    “It’s exciting that we’re a young team,” Potter said.

“We’re able to build a new identity through this year.”
    As PLU’s top scoring player last year, averaging 16.8 points a game, Potter has seen a lot of playing time, and she said she feels this qualifies her for the position of captain.
     “I feel like I am able to lead the team through experience and work ethic,” Potter said. “I try to always be one of the hardest working people on the court, and I think this helps me lead the team.”
    Potter said one of her goals this season is to push herself and her teammates to their fullest potential.
    “I hope to be a big contributor again this year on the team through hard work and pushing both myself and my teammates the whole season,” she said.
    Though PLU faces a tough season, Potter said she wants her team to do what they do best.
    “I hope the team plays extremely hard this season with a lot of hustle and forces our opponent to earn every point,” she said.
    Coming off a tough loss in their first game at Western Oregon, 71-62, an NCAA Division II school, Potter said she  hopes her team uses this as a learning experience. Potter accumulated 20 points that game with two blocks and two steals.
      “A lot of good things happened during the game, but it also exposed several things we need to work on too,” she said. One of these, Potter said, is “ playing more consistent, without as many turnovers.”
    Potter and the Lutes fell to Warner Pacific Tuesday night in Olson Auditorium, 75-53. Potter was limited to four points but grabbed a team-high seven rebounds.
    The Lutes’ next home game is Dec. 8 at 6 p.m. against Concordia in Olson Auditorium.