Thursday, November 29, 2012

PLU BRIEFS: People pretend to sell magazines, enter residence halls

By Taylor Lunka, Guest Writer

     Residents have allowed people not affiliated with Pacific Lutheran University who claim to be selling magazines to enter residence halls.
    On Nov. 19, two males were let into South Hall.
    Greg Premo, director of Campus Safety, said the males “looked like students so they were let into South Hall.”
    Campus Safety immediately responded after a student called to report the men and was able to contact one of the two.
    The male stated he was a student living in South Hall, but provided no identification.
    “It was clear he wasn’t telling the truth,” Premo said.
    After Campus Safety asked the man for his information and he didn’t provide any, he was escorted off campus.
    The male was seen walking off campus with the other suspect.
    Premo said at that point, Campus Safety knew the suspects had left campus.
    The weekend before Nov. 19, a student living off campus called to report two men who were “selling magazines on behalf of PLU,” Premo said.
    “Although nothing bad happened, it’s a good lesson. It’s a good reminder [for students] to do their part to keep things secure,” Premo said.
    Premo said he encourages students to call Campus Safety if they see these men or any suspicious activity going on around campus.