Thursday, November 29, 2012

Lutes to gain leadership with upcoming events

By Valery Jorgensen, Guest Writer

J-term is around the corner and so are leadership events available for first-year students through EXPLORE! and Emerging Leaders.

    Emerging Leaders is a program open to all first-year students and is run by Student Involvement and Leadership (SIL).
    According to the PLU SIL webpage, “The Emerging Leaders Program is designed to help first-year students connect to involvement opportunities” and the slogan for Emerging Leaders is “Lead. Link. Learn.”
    The webpage also states the program is designed to help first years develop leadership skills, connect to other students and the campus and learn about themselves.
    The Emerging Leaders program has a three-session series in January. Leadership Fellow Andrew Larsen said that this January, the program will focus on the question, “what are your individual goals?”     EXPLORE! is a retreat event open to first-years put on by Emerging Leaders that will take place on Jan. 4 and 5.
    Jazmyn Carroll, an EXPLORE! student coordinator who works on advertising the event,  said it is “targeted towards first-year students to help them reflect on their experience in college and to ask Big Enough Questions [BEQs] regarding vocation.”
    A BEQ, Carroll said, can be, “what do you want to do in life?” She said many students may not have answers for the questions, but that “it is important to continue your journey [by thinking about these questions].”
    Larsen attended the EXPLORE! retreat last year and said, “it’s a great way to understand what you are really passionate about.”
    Larsen said that because he “really enjoyed” the retreat, he chose to become more involved as a Student Facilitator.
    First years are being notified of EXPLORE! through a variety of ways. Flyers posted in first-year wings alert residents to the opportunities.
    First-year Lee Shaffer said, “my academic advisor told me about the retreat. I am unsure if I will go or not, but I think it sounds like an interesting experience.”