Thursday, November 29, 2012

Letter from the Editor: Mast is in transition, and we want your help

By Jessica Trondsen, Acting Editor-in-Chief

    It’s been a whirlwind of a semester here at The Mooring Mast, and I have some important announcements to share before we close out this term.
    To begin, there have been a few staffing changes around The Mooring Mast office. The University Student Media Board, which oversees campus student media outlets, received formal complaints regarding aspects of The Mast newsroom that weren’t changing, including understaffing, increasingly late production nights and low morale.
    Last week, several members of The Mast attended a hearing of the complaints and were given an opportunity to refute the claims. The hearing resulted in a vote by Media Board to remove Jack Sorensen from his position as Editor-in-Chief.
    Following the decision, Jack filed an appeal with Laura Majovski, the vice president of student involvement and dean of student life. On Monday, Majovski decided to uphold Media Board’s verdict.
    Media Board then appointed me, the managing news editor, to the position of acting Editor-in-Chief through the end of the semester. During J-term, the position will become open for applications and Media Board will interview and hire spring semester’s Editor-in-Chief.
    In the meantime, I have big plans for the next few weeks.
    To address the issue of late production nights, we’ve cut down our number of pages from 16 to 12 for this issue.
    We’re planning fun and new ways to rebrand our organization in an effort to increase morale, student involvement and readership.
    Additionally, we will be interviewing and hiring qualified candidates to fill our newsroom ranks before we continue the print version of our publication next semester.
    February will be the next time a new issue of The Mooring Mast hits the newsstands.  Our print version halts publication during dead week and finals so we student journalists can spend a little bit more time focused on our classes.
    Furthermore, a long-standing tradition of The Mooring Mast is to take J-term off from printing. That doesn’t mean we won’t be producing content.
    This staff is still full of journalists, so The Mooring Mast website, Twitter feeds and Facebook page will continue to be updated as we prepare our print version to re-launch.
    Please stay tuned. Better yet, get involved with our rebirth.
    Applications are on the Career Connections website for positions as editors, reporters, columnists and photographers.
    We would all love to work with you, and will continue to work for you.
    Send letters to the editor, story ideas, corrections and comments to
    This organization is changing and we want—need—your support, participation and feedback as we move forward.