Thursday, November 29, 2012

Get involved with Mast Media

By Storm Gerlock, MastTV General Manager

    The transition from KCNS to Mast Student Television has in no way been an easy one.
    There were names to change, emails to update, even the simplest things as taking down all of the signage and paraphernalia that are still following me around the lower Anderson University Center halls. 
    Despite the miniscule paperwork horrors, the results of the merger have been beyond rewarding.  No merger is perfect but I have been impressed by the drastic change that Mast TV has gone through over the last 6 months. 
    I have never seen so many enthusiastic students who are excited about learning video production and editing.
    Even though the semester is winding down and those of us that are lucky enough to be students are preparing for finals, Mast TV still has a few things being uploaded.
    Last night was our last episode of News @ Nine and if you missed the live show be sure to check our website to catch up. 
    Over the last couple weeks Rachel Diebel and Camille Adams have been working hard on creating a web series.  The season premiere of “Outnumbered” will release online Dec. 3 on both Facebook and Youtube.
    Even though you might not see much of us during J-term, we will be working hard with The Mooring Mast to prepare and plan for the next semester.
    Together we will begin the process of developing, creating and exploring the many ideas and opportunities that are available to our joint organization. 
    As is the normal order of things at a university, Mast TV will be losing our Multimedia Editor to the horrible monster that is graduation.  Makenzie Landis  originally encouraged me to work at KCNS and as a previous general manager she has provided constant support over the years. 
    The amount of work that Makenzie has done for the station and student media as a whole has made her irreplaceable and she will be missed.
    As sad as we are to lose Makenzie, we are excited to announce that the position of Multimedia Editor will be open for the next semester. 
    If anyone is interested in that position or in working with video production of any kind please feel free to contact me at either my personal email or at for more information.
    For more information about Mast Student Television visit our website at or like our Facebook page for updates.
    As things continue to change and evolve I encourage anyone who has interest in working in student media to reach out to Jessica Trondsen or myself and we will do our best to direct you to your area of interest whether it be journalism, video production, photography or online editing.
    We will listen to any ideas you have. This is your student media. Take this opportunity and make it what you want it to be.