Friday, November 16, 2012

Baseball player hospitalized after collision

by Valery Jorgensen, Guest Writer
Rising first-year baseball player Carson McCord was discharged from the hospital on Nov. 6, after suffering injuries from a collision with another player at the team’s Nov. 4 practice.
McCord collided with sophomore Collin Nilson while each dove for the ball.
Nilson said he was playing center field when a ball was hit in between himself, McCord in right field and the second baseman, Jacob Olsufka. Nilson said Olsufka “peeled out,” leaving him and McCord to catch the ball.
“Both of us dove for the ball trying to catch it but ended up diving into each other head first,” Nilson said.
 Nilson said he knew McCord had been seriously injured after they collided. McCord was still on the ground when Nilson approached him.        
“The first thing he [McCord] said was, ‘I can’t feel my left side,’” Nilson said.
Sophomore catcher Curtis Wildung said head coach Geoff Loomis has been keeping the team updated.
Loomis said he met with McCord “this morning and he has been back on campus since Friday.”  Nilson also said that he visited McCord in the hospital and has been in contact with McCord’s family.
 Loomis said he does not “know exactly what the final diagnosis was” on McCord’s injury. 
However, Nilson described it as a “very intense stinger” and Wildung said it was “similar to the ones you get in football.”
Nilson said McCord was very lucky to suffer “no severe damage to his brain or spine” and to have regained sensation in his left side.  Nilson added McCord will “go back into the hospital to get more tests on his shoulder.”
Nilson said he suffered mild injuries from the incident and has a “slight concussion” but is “hoping to be released for physical activity on Monday.”
McCord is expected to have a promising season after his preseason fall ball play. He has “a great arm and hits the ball incredibly well,” Wildung said. “He gets along with everyone on the team.”
The baseball team “is hoping for a fast recovery” for McCord, Wildung said.