Friday, October 12, 2012

The Mast Monday Night Football pick ‘em

By Nathan Shoup, Sports Editor

In a completely predictable fashion, the Texans beat the Jets Monday. The 23-17 final score was probably closer than most predicted, however. Everyone in our league correctly picked Houston, so the standings remain the same.

Gutierrez remains the only “unbeaten” while Ritchey is finally in the win category at 1-3.

The name for our league also remains the same. At least for now.

While the football game was predictable, the number of emails I received regarding a name change was not. Zero. Do you want me to name it myself? Do you really want that to happen? I can think of the cheesiest, alliteration-filled name possible, one that will make your eyes roll, or you can send me your ideas.

Don’t get me wrong, I would love to think of one of those names, but I’m asking you for your benefit. So you have one more chance to save yourself before The Mast Monday Night Football pick ‘em becomes a cliched monster.

Save yourself.

The Broncos travel to San Diego in what will be Peyton’s second Monday Night Football game of the young season.


Denver at San Diego