Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Tech Talk: Laptop edition

By Kelsey Mejlander, Copy Editor

In the past few years, laptops have become a staple possession for most college students. Their portability makes them invaluable to those who already have to uproot all of their possessions for the big move to college.

Laptops may be getting a lot of cold shoulders in the near future as tablets shoot to the top of birthday lists, but for now they’re still a safe, standard buy for students. So if your laptop is old and outdated, here’s a snazzy new selection.

Razer Blade $2,499

As a completely responsible, focused college student you probably shouldn’t crack open your piggy bank for this one. But if you’re a big-time gamer then this is probably the machine for you. Though it could have more hard drive space, it’s lightweight and stylish with a customizable track pad. Designed for gamers, it has a HD screen, a powerful video memory so your game won’t get bogged down and excellent audio.

Sony Vaio E Series SVE11113FXW $435

If you’re a frugal, practical person who’s really just getting a laptop because you’d rather not trudge to the library for every homework assignment, then this is probably one of the more economical choices available. It lacks fantastic features, but who needs a gorgeous display or surround-sound like audio for a twenty page paper? With a good battery life it’ll last you through a short school day, but getting it to those classes may be more of an annoyance since it’s on the heavier side despite being only 11 inches.

MacBook Pro $1,199

PC users will quickly adapt to Apple’s user-friendly format and it’s hard to go wrong with the smooth corners and compact build of Macs, not to mention there’s no need to buy spyware for this product. The battery lasts about seven hours on one charge, and Macs are known for their longer lifespans. If you really want to get fancy, you can get the new 15-inch MacBook Pro with the retina display, which cleans up images for incredible clarity. It also cleans out your wallet, costing $1,000 more than the basic 13-inch MacBook.

HP Envy 15 $1,204.99

If TV shows and movies are your procrastination’s bread and butter, then you’ll turn green with HP Envy when you catch sight of a classmate using this. With its HD screen and the decision to dispense with the typically mediocre speakers of most laptops, you’ll have your portable movie theater, procrastination device and occasional homework tool all in one.

Acer Aspire S5 $1,199.95

Thin and light, this laptop has a great design that’s even thinner than the MacBook Air. It’ll probably be easier to take this to class than most of your textbooks at only 2.6 pounds. It also has a nifty little motorized door for ports and connections that opens at the tap of a button, though you’d be in trouble if it ever broke down. Some irritating flaws are that the keyboard isn’t backlit and the display quality is mediocre.