Friday, October 12, 2012

Music tunes to Trinity

Eastvold pushes musicians across the street

By Rachel Diebel, Guest Writer

In past years, someone walking behind Eastvold Auditorium might hear a music student practicing through an open window in the voice studios.  Such surprises can no longer be heard, as the voice studios, previously in Eastvold, have been moved to Trinity Lutheran Church to make way for the construction taking place in Eastvold.

The voice studios moved from Eastvold to Trinity Church in January to prepare for phase two of the construction on Eastvold.  Senior lecturer LeeAnne Campos said the move went very smoothly.

Construction workers make changes to the south side of Eastvold Auditorium, where voice lessons were once held. Voice lessons are now held at Trinity Lutheran Church. Eastvold construction is expected to be done in fall of 2013. Photo by Sarah Henderson.
“I don’t miss the old studios at all,” Campos said.  “The rooms are bigger than our spaces in Eastvold and are more comfortable,” Campos said. “Since so many of the part-time music faculty are now teaching in the same general area, we get to see each other more often.”
Overall response to the move has been positive.
First-year Megan Zink, who had never practiced in  the old Eastvold studios, says she actually prefers that the studios are at Trinity.
“The community there [at Trinity] is very welcoming,” Zink said. 
Sophomore Sam Chapman is a veteran of the old Eastvold studios.
“The move hasn’t really been an inconvenience at all,” Chapman said.
Not that students think the move is without drawbacks. 
“The studios aren’t well insulated, so you can hear pretty much everything that everyone else is doing,” Chapman said. 
“When a bigger voice is sailing away on multiple high notes it can get very distracting!” she added. However, "it isn’t a horrible situation. In fact, it’s kind of fun, listening to what everyone else is doing.” 
Another concern for some is the distance from campus. While Trinity is only about a block from campus, it is much further from Mary Baker Russell Music Center than Eastvold is. 
“Most of my students are music majors, so they spend most of their time in MBR,” Campos said. “It’s quite a long walk and there were a couple of stormy days last spring when my students arrived wet and cold.”
The move to Trinity is permanent, at least at this stage.  Renovations in Eastvold will continue until 2013, transforming the building into the Karen Hille Phillips Center for Performing Arts. The center will contain the already completed studio theater and scene shop, as well as 630 new seats for the auditorium, elevator access to all floors and an art gallery in the main lobby.