Friday, November 16, 2012

Letter to the Editor: Wellness Access Plan not fully reported

By Kristin McCarthy, Sophomore

While I appreciate the Mast’s article “Lutecare” about the new Wellness Access Plan, my opinions of the article currently mirror my opinions of the plan: well intentioned, but poorly executed.
It is most deeply offensive that the Mast decided to describe the visits to the Health Center under the new plan as “free,” saying that they are “removing charges … for services provided.”

These visits are not free, and the charges have not been removed.

They are paid for by the more than $40,000 that each student pays to attend PLU, and by the new Wellness Access Plan fee.

It is an insult to the intelligence of the student body to describe these services as anything less than “at no additional cost.”

My other concerns include that the majority of the information presented was made available to students by mid-May.

While it is nice to have it summed up in one article, the Mast should be more than just a fact-compiler, and should comment on more aspects of the plan, such as other options the university could have considered, and why they thought that this was the best option, as well as a variety of student opinions.

On that note, the article ends with a quote from a first year saying that he thinks it is great that he will not have to pay copays for the health center.

Many of us share in his relief. However, there are still a number of students who are frustrated by this additional fee, concerned about how it could be included in the ever-increasing tuition, and are now without health insurance.

Overlooking these opinions and issues is extremely unprofessional and biased, and I hope that they will be adequately addressed in an upcoming issue.