Friday, September 21, 2012

PLU Playlist: Fall 2012

by Lucas Schaumberg, Guest Writer

We use music as a marker for memories: Adele or The Smiths for a bad breakup; Fleet Foxes or Bon Iver for a favorite hike; Led Zeppelin or Kanye for a wild night. As we begin this school year, we are

ready to burn moments, images and especially music into our memories. Music released this fall will always bring us back to the "fall of 2012."

Here are some releases I’m looking forward to making memories with:


This shimmering, harmonious alternative group sounds like a perfect mix of Rubber Soul, Radiohead and the Beach Boys on Valium. This Brooklyn band prepares to follow up their 2008 best-seller "Veckatimist." Prepare for masterful experimentation and harmony.

When to listen to Grizzly Bear:

On a rainy day at the coast, on a midnight walk, or during stressful homework

Units Sold: two albums, 96,000 total

The Killers- "Battle Born" - Sept. 18

This Las Vegas synth band sounds like a combination of The Cure, Springsteen and Eyeshadow. The lead singer, Brandon Flowers, looks to shake off the lackluster results of 2008 album "Day and Age."

When to listen to The Killers:

When you’re pretending to be in an American Apparel ad while speeding on a Nevada highway in a convertible, or just when you’re jogging ten miles.

Units sold: four albums, 3 million total

Mumford and Sons--"Babel"--Sept. 25

You've probably heard of the harmonic indie folk-pop darlings Mumford and Sons. Look for them to try and add critical acclaim with their darker follow up album "Babel."

When to listen to Mumford and Sons: 

While doing homework after a slow day, writing lower-case poetry in a notebook, or wondering why it didn't work out with your exes.

Units Sold: one album, 761,000 copies 

Tame Impala - "Lonerism" - Oct. 9

 Look for this Aussie band to expand on the retro-psych of their 2010 album "Innerspeaker." Think John Lennon with chilled out, psychedelic 1960s rock. It's classic dorm-rock music. 

When to listen to Tame Impala: 

When you want to feel like a character in "Dazed And Confused," for a 70s-themed night on the town, or when showing your dad that there is more to music than his beloved Zep and the Who.

Units sold: N/A 

Taylor Swift - "Red" - Oct. 22, 

Bob Dylan - "Tempest" - Oct. 11

You have already made up your mind about both of these albums. Almost everyone knows Taylor Swift and her pop-tinged-with country breakup songs. You may also know songsmith Bob Dylan's badly sung, haunting vocals. If you’re looking for good breakup music on acoustic, country-tinged guitar, "Red" will surely hold. However, I would recommend the classic ‘71 Bob Dylan album "Blood on the Tracks," instead.  You can take or leave "Tempest."  

When to listen to Bob Dylan and Taylor Swift: 

When you want someone to express your bittersweet, lulling lows better than you can, or when staring out at an open country sky wondering what happened

Units sold: an amount overwhelming enough to shake your head in awe.

Kendrick Lamar - "Good Kid" - Oct. 22,
A$AP Rocky - "Long Live A$AP" - TBA

Pride of L.A. and Dr. Dre portage, Kendrick Lamar looks to make his major label debut a success using the momentum of his prized sing-song flow and beloved mix tapes. A$AP Rocky looks to be known as the best new rapper in the game. Lady Gaga, Schoolboy Q and Dr. Dre will be featured over Lamar's complex raps and 1990s west coast beats. Producers Diplo and Clams Casino will sponsor A$AP.   

When to listen to Kendrick Lamar and A$AP: Before complaining that rap is dead. 

Units sold: N/A