Friday, September 21, 2012

Murder in your spare time

Columnist explores new murder mystery and sequels to old childhood classics

by Kelsey Mejlaender, Guest Writer
Now that everyone has had a few weeks to settle into college, hopefully you’ve found some free time. So unless you are working six jobs and taking five classes, you might be looking for a fun book to read. If that's the case, I have a couple of suggestions.

"Confessions of a Murder Suspect" is an excellent title. It’s intriguing, dark and gives the book potential to be very twisted. Author James Patterson also wrote the Alex Cross series — soon to be a movie — and is well-established with adult readers.

The story focuses on Tandy Angel, who as the title suggests is a suspected murderer, along with her three siblings. She is accused of a double homicide — of which her own parents are the victims.

Simultaneous patricide and matricide is pretty twisted to most. And the best part is: just because readers see Tandy’s point of view doesn’t mean she is innocent. The book’s summary suggests a psychological explanation: Tandy could very well be a murderer who’s suppressed her heinous deed in the depths of her subconscious.

Either that, or the butler did it. We can all find out soon enough. The book goes on sale Monday, so you can kick off your week with some quality murder-mystery procrastination.

If you’re looking for something a little less gruesome, I’d recommend "Son," by Lois Lowry. It’s the fourth and allegedly final book in "The Giver" series. Some might remember "The Giver" from our grade-school years, but the rest of the series is not as well-known. The sequels — "Gathering Blue" and "The Messenger" — were decent, following new characters’ perspectives but dropping hints about the fate of "The Giver’s" protagonist, which made the books overall fun to read.

Now, before you cross "Son" off your reading list for being too juvenile for your mature college mind, consider the satisfying reminiscence gained by reading the sequel to an influential children’s book. Besides, all of the books in "The Giver" series are extremely short. You could read them all in one day, and then tell everyone you read four books over the weekend — because you’re just that good.

Unfortunately, you’ll have to wait to brag about your weekend reading because the book will not be released until Tuesday, Oct. 2.