Friday, September 14, 2012

Letter from the EIC

By Jack Sorensen, Editor-in-Chief
It’s the early morning in the lower level of the Anderson University Center, and the staff of The Mooring Mast is finally putting the paper to bed, anticipating the release of our first issue.

This routine is not new—every Wednesday night we work upwards of 12 hours designing and producing the weekly newspaper, not to mention the hours we devote during the week.

But in the end, our work is meaningless.

We can sweat, rejoice and cry over the work we do, but in the end your opinion is all that matters. In the end it is irrelevant if we are proud of ourselves—all that truly amounts to any praise or sign of success is how proud you, our readers, are of us.

Our greatest honor is to be called your college newspaper, our greatest achievement to have somehow served the Pacific Lutheran community.

As the Mast staff embarks on yet another year of striving to chronicle, document and historicize the collective experiences of our community, I humbly ask while we work to keep you informed, you will work to keep us informed. I hope you will provide us with feedback, whether lauding praise or bold condemnation. I hope you will tell us what you want to see in your newspaper. I hope you will trust that this paper belongs to you, our students, faculty and staff.

And we promise you to be your trusted source of information. We promise to be there applauding in times of success, and stand by watchfully in times of doubt.

On behalf of the entire Mast staff, we are looking forward to a great year serving you.