Thursday, May 3, 2012

Personals: A classified confession

By Emily Biggs, Photo Editor

Have you ever looked at The Mast’s classified ads and wondered what brave souls are bold enough to post personal ads seeking love or friendship?

Well, ladies and gentlemen, look no further than the creative duo of Jack Sorensen and myself, accompanied occasionally by the creative newsroom editorial staff.

Whenever Jessica Trondsen, the opinion editor, had extra space in the classifieds section, we were more than willing to lend a helping hand by writing some personals.

From Arrested Development to downright strange pop culture references, we went all out to amuse the PLU community while trying to keep a low profile.

We never anticipated a response, though.

I made the mistake of adding my personal cell phone number for the last few ads and woke up the day after distribution with text messages riddled with winky and smiley faces and sincere inquiries about forming relationships with the supposed personal ad poster.

For example in the April 13 issue, we posted “Male seeking female roommate: must be able to bake cookies regularly, clean up my gym clothes, and occasionally scratch a brother’s back. Has to be cool with only watching ESPN and without a doubt be able to put out… the garbage every Tuesday.”

Within a week, I received a text in response saying, “My boyfriend just left me and I saw your ad in The Mast. Tell me more.”

I would like to thank our readers for the few fun and innocent exchanges, and encourage you all to post personals of your own in the coming school year.

You never know who will respond ;)