Thursday, May 3, 2012

Incoming editor-in-chief looks ahead

By Jack Sorensen, Focus Editor

What a ride.

I’ve spent three years at The Mooring Mast. First as a news reporter for a year and a half, then a year and a half editing the center section —the International & LuteLife sections last year and the Focus section this year.

I’ve had the opportunity to cover a lot of stories, from highlighting amazing triumphs of the university to investigating possible inequities and wrongdoings.

I’ve covered a lot, both as a reporter and an editor. And hopefully, somewhere along the line, I had an impact. But there are bigger things ahead —more stories, more room for growth and more opportunities for thoughtful inquiry.

With equal-handed happiness and humility I would like to introduce myself as next year’s editor-in-chief of The Mooring Mast.

I am here, as is the rest of The Mooring Mast staff, because of our readers. You have lauded us for our successes and indicted us for our mistakes, the whole time keeping us honest and open and propelling us to continue to strive for your approval.

You, our readers, are the most important part of our job. Without you there is no news and no one to read it, and without your feedback we would stumble blindly as we desperately tried to make ourselves relevant.

Here at The Mooring Mast, we hope we are important to you as we attempt to chronicle the events of our generation.

We hope The Mooring Mast can record our collective experiences and successfully historicize our time as students at Pacific Lutheran University.

As we forge ahead into 2012-2013, I can only hope to meet your expectations for The Mooring Mast.

Always remember: this is your paper.

But I can’t do this alone. I need your help.

Your guidance and your feedback will steer my work here as editor-in-chief. So I humbly ask you — our readers and our peers — to tell us what you would like to see in your paper next year. What changes do you think we need to integrate? What could we do better? What could we do more of?

Email The Mooring Mast at, or me, at, and tell me what you want to see.

The invitation is open.