Thursday, May 3, 2012

Editor says goodbye to The Mast

By Reno Sorensen, Copy Editor

This paper is not the same publication it was when I started as a copy editor four years ago. And I’ve seen things.

I’ve watched, from the window of a darkened classroom in Morken, a janitor throw away 300 copies of The Mooring Mast at once.

I’ve seen a sports editor drink five Rockstar energy drinks in one night.  

I’ve stood on the stage of Eastvold Auditorium at midnight and listened for the voices of ghosts.

I’ve seen obscenity and vulgarity in headline.

I’ve watched as students, faculty and administration defended the rights of student journalists to report the truth.

I’ve walked out of the University Center as the sun was rising – more than a couple times.

I’ve worked with four different academic advisers, who each brought rich, unique and valuable experience to the learning process.

I’ve decimated whole bags of Juanitas tortilla chips.

I’ve struggled alongside a team of companions in journalism.

I’ve mourned alongside a family.

I’ve seen this organization win awards. I’ve seen it struggle through failure.

I’ve greeted and said farewell to editors, writers and photographers who were all better for their time here and who all made this newspaper better for having been here.

Most importantly, I’ve known young men and women who wanted nothing more than to seek the truth and report it, to grow as individuals and mature into professional adults and dangerously intelligent people.

I’ve watched these people succeed, and I am grateful.

I’ve seen great things, and I owe it to all of you.

Thank you, and goodbye.