Thursday, May 3, 2012

Editor reflects on years at PLU

By Alexis Briggs, Business and Ads Manager

It’s bittersweet being a senior at Pacific Lutheran University.

We watch our younger friends enjoy the lazy, less-stressful year we thought we’d be enjoying, we search for the jobs we thought we’d already have established, we begin studying and working and imagining promises of success in the hours we’d designated to wild celebrations.

Most importantly, we solidify how we will live in the world, whom that world will include and what kind of relationship we will have with the world.

From what I can only imagine is a series of inconceivable luck in the universe, I have been able to collect incredible opportunities during my time at PLU.

I am as lost in knowing how to express my immense appreciation as Harry Potter was in looking for the horcruxes.

But if my recent addiction to pluproblems.tumblr has taught me anything, I know I can start with procrastination.

For every late night coffee run with the Stuen kids to avoid a philosophy paper,

And every unplanned but informative tangent of Professor Kelleher,

For the late nights exchanging quarters with the Frisbee team,

And the seven phones lost in the travel,

For the campus safety rides, the housemate Christmas trips to Seattle, the dusty books of economic theory in the library,

For the late nights spent attempting to teach me how to debate,

And every staff meeting held around a pool table,

For every random shout about pungent fish,

The mishap free dances in the CAVE,

And plastic utensils left as precarious landscaping decorations,

For the portfolio competitions,

And incredibly necessary prints from the computer science printers,

For the six-hour chemistry labs,

And the mischievous nights attempting to discover the mystery door in Hinderlie,

The study abroad nights out with pleasant professors,

For the term extended paper deadlines and bombed presentations,

For the gold name-taggers and shoeless wanderers,

The haircut incidents from Garfield barbers and teriyaki shared between friends,

For every professor who indulged my excited, off-topic (some may even call random) questions,

And every colleague who put up with my arrogant obstinance,

The lost elections and the safety-driven election campaign efforts,

For every involved professor and edited homework assignment,

For every project accomplished and every textbook highlighted,

For every friend made in common anxiety or subsequent recreational gatherings,

For every time I had to be told what a ‘pica’ was:

Thank you. It has been nothing but surreal.

Goodbye, Parkland nomads.