Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A touch of teriyaki, a bite of sushi

Anonymous food critic indulges taste buds

By Food Network Fanatic

Want to try something new? Rock climbing, skydiving? Or maybe … sushi?

If you’re looking for something new or you just love sushi, then I have a new restaurant for you.

From PLU's campus, drive 10 minutes south down Pacific Avenue and you’ll find Umai Bento on your right, a teriyaki and sushi restaurant that seeks to please your Asian cuisine needs. Umai combines a menu of common teriyaki and sushi items with more than 100 food options to choose from. Take your pick of sushi, yakisoba, fried rice, Umai rolls or a combination of your choosing.

For novices in sushi vernacular, the Umai Tow Choice Bento allows for customers to choose the sushi and teriyaki of their choice.

Customers can start off the meal with complimentary miso soup and relax while listening to classical music in the background. Umai gives off a clean, laid-back vibe with its wood floors and choice of booths, bars or tables. The staff is friendly and attentive, so expect a welcoming and quick wait before your entrée.

Placed in a neat, sectioned plate, the Sushi Bento comes with a choice of meat, choice of sushi rolls, salad, two piles of rice and toppings of ginger, wasabi and orange slices to apply as you wish. The options appear endless for those who wish to experiment with either the spiciness of wasabi or the tanginess of ginger.

The California roll gives customers a crunch of seafood with the freshness of avocado and steamed rice. If you’re looking for vegetarian options, try the avocado roll, a simple but satisfying take on sushi. While the pork teriyaki leaves you satisfied, it does not treat your taste buds to high cuisine.

A complimentary scoop of light and refreshing green tea ice cream follows the meal, so leave a little room for dessert.

For a college students’ budget, Umai provides a great opportunity to spend wisely and eat well. Prices range from $3-28 based on your order. Lunch prices remain around $7 and sushi and appetizer packages can be much cheaper.

Most of the food can feed one to two people depending on food intake, so leftovers are always possible.

So for those willing to get off campus and try something new—or perhaps something old—find your sushi and teriyaki fix at this Spanaway Bento. Umai Bento offers great food and allows you to choose different options and experiment with new foods.