Thursday, April 12, 2012

PLU Ghost Hunters

By Jack Sorensen, Focus Editor; Amelia Heath, News Editor; Emily Biggs, Photo Editor; Reno Sorensen, Copy Editor

In a place as old as Pacific Lutheran University, paranormal activity is unsurprising, if not expected.

Following numerous reports of ghosts and other paranormal entities in various buildings at PLU, several editors of The Mooring Mast decided to do our own investigations.

Inspired by popular shows such as SciFi Channel’s Ghost Hunters, Copy Editor Reno Sorensen, Photo Editor Emily Biggs, News Editor Amelia Heath and Focus Editor Jack Sorensen split into teams and investigated Stuen Residence Hall, Harstad Residence Hall and Eastvold armed with EVP recorders, cameras, flashlights and video cameras.

What is an EVP?: Electronic Voice Phenomena. According to most paranormal researchers, spirits communicate with us at low frequencies. Sometimes the human ear can catch whispers and words, but a common recording device can provide us with evidence we can’t hear at the time.

The following are our findings.

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