Thursday, April 12, 2012

PLU Ghost Hunters, Part Three: Stuen Hall

The reports

Students who venture into the basement of Stuen to utilize the game room, do laundry or store their bikes have heard and seen strange things – lights that turn on and off at long intervals by themselves, thuds and bumps that seem to come from somewhere other than the building settling and sometimes the voices of a girl or young man when no one was there.

According to PLU legend, a student committed suicide in the Stuen bike room, and activity has been reported in the bike room, the attaching laundry room and the hallway.

Current Stuen resident Darien Upshaw avoids the basement at all costs. He said he was walking down the hall once when he heard a man’s voice from the other end. He turned and walked toward it, thinking he heard someone in the game room. There was no one there. Upshaw said he then heard a voice at the other end of the hall, and the lights went out. He ran, and hasn’t returned since.

Former resident David Nguyen told us of a harrowing experience he had last year. While folding his laundry, the room lights went out and he heard what he described as a young girl’s voice laughing out in the hallway. The lights flickered, and soon he heard a man’s voice from the same location. The lights came back on, and Nguyen ran, leaving his laundry.


Our findings
By Reno Sorensen, Copy Editor

Jack Sorensen and I started in the game room. We asked the dark room whether there were any spirits there with us, mentioning the local legend of the student who committed suicide in the bike room years ago. We listened, but heard nothing but the building settling.

The bike room produced a similar lack of results, though the skeletal outline of bicycles hanging from the walls of the small concrete room left an impression.

Before taking our leave, Jack and I returned to the game room to bid any spirits farewell. The door closed behind us, and a second later Jack and I both looked at each other after hearing what sounded like an intake of breath from the middle of the dark room. We asked again: was anyone there? Could they hear us?

In response, I could have sworn I heard a sound to my left, like someone scratching on the wall, three times, slowly.

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