Thursday, April 12, 2012

PLU Ghost Hunters, Part One: The University Center

The reports

Custodian Peggy McKenna shared her numerous accounts of reported paranormal encounters with us. During her 16 years at the university, she and her coworkers have encountered a presence in the UC they refer to as “Virgil.”

Per McKenna’s story, a PLU staff member named Virgil died in the kitchen of the old building, prior to the recent renovation. Before the remodel, McKenna said she frequently interacted with Virgil while she was cleaning the restrooms. When she was in the men’s, Virgil would enter the women’s bathroom and “slam the doors.” When McKenna would investigate, only to find the bathroom empty, she said she would say, “It’s okay Virgil, it’s only me.”

The encounters occured almost on a nightly basis, but McKenna said as soon as she would speak to him everything would stop.

McKenna’s encounters with the man included seeing a shadow figure standing in the UC.

Though activity has decreased since the remodel, McKenna said she had an experience with Virgil during the most recent spring break.

“He hasn’t left, but he doesn’t come out as often anymore,” she said.

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