Thursday, April 12, 2012

Foodie on a mission: Anonymous food critic takes a bite of Cajun at local restaurant

By Food Network Fanatic

Food is all about whom you share it with. According to celebrated food critic M.F.K. Fisher, “sharing food with another human being is an intimate act that should not be indulged in lightly.” Those who believe this statement can find their calling at Madea’s Cajun Café. The Louisiana-style cooking on Garfield Street will make any Southern comfort food aficionado feel at home.

Across the street from Marzano’s, the colorful painted windows of Madea’s invite customers with true southern style. The sign next to the register says it all: “Good Food, Good Friends, Good Times.” As you walk in, a hint of frying oil and Cajun spices wafts from the kitchen, arousing the curiosity of your taste buds. Across from the tables, a simple state map of Louisiana’s major football teams shows its state pride. Customers can watch their orders being prepared from the open kitchen while sitting at the tables. Although it doesn’t have the speed of fast food, Madea’s lets you take the time to catch up with friends and enjoy the atmosphere of home cooking. Relax and listen to Adele playing in the background, using the time before the satisfaction of eating to socialize.

Prices for most of the menu items range between $5-10, which is perfect for the average college student. If you’re looking for popular Louisiana dishes, try jambalaya on Wednesdays or one of the Po’boys any other day. My suggestion is the Catfish Po’boy. The first bite will hook you with the initial punch of the signature catfish seasoning. Served on a fresh, lightly buttered French bread, this dish gives some spice to a normal sandwich. Light and crispy, the catfish blends well with the slight tang of grain mustard and mayonnaise. Each bite keeps you wanting more and more, resulting in a very full stomach.

Madea’s offers a delectable change in cuisine but it also gives you an excuse to spend time with those you care about. Make sure you come to Madea’s with some time on your hands. Cooking every order fresh requires more time, but it will be worth it in the end. So grab your friends and with “Good food and good friends” fulfilled and look forward to good times at Madea’s.