Thursday, April 12, 2012

Book provides insight into the other side

By Kelsey Hilmes, A&E Reporter

Everyone wants to know what happens after they die. Everyone wishes they could hear from their loved ones just one more time after they’ve passed away.

Associate Professor of Dance and co-author of Live from the Other Side Maureen McGill says it’s not impossible.

Live from the Other Side is a book of real life accounts of ways to connect with the deceased. McGill and co-author Nola Davis published the book in 2010.

In the book, McGill explains that intuition plays a key role in connecting with the afterlife.

“I believe that everybody has that intuitive feeling,” McGill said. “It’s about paying attention to the gut feeling in your heart.”

They said they hope the stories will help people resolve their grief after losing a loved one and help readers connect to the other side. Live from the Other Side tells us our deceased loved ones are here and not just in the body.

“It’s a book that we feel helps people to know that our loved ones are with us,” McGill said.

Davis has 30 years experience in the healthcare industry, mostly with seniors in the final years of their lives. Both authors have experience in the intuitive and healing arts.

The book contains 38 stories about receiving messages from loved ones after they’ve died. The stories were volunteered by a variety of people including engineers, policemen and retirees who had heard about the book. These people came forward hoping to confirm the messages they received were real.

Many of the messages described in the book are received through smells, dreams, voices and electronics. People might smell the perfume of a loved one, hear their voice or hear their song on the radio. Sometimes they meet their loved ones regularly in dreams.

Davis said dreams are the most common way of connecting with the other side, according to about 65-70 percent of instances.

“When we dream we’re relaxed, more open. Our conscious mind isn’t sitting over us saying ‘that can’t be,’” Davis said.

The second-most common way of receiving a message is through electronics. Live from the Other Side explains this may be because all living things are made up of energy, and that energy is easily transferred into electronics when the departed want to get our attention.

Could it be that these messages are just our imagination?

McGill said faith is an important factor.

“The only way we know is if our heart felt a certain thing when we received the message,” McGill Said.

According to Live from the Other Side, people often deny the message or refuse to validate it. They might convince themselves it’s a coincidence or brush the message off. Many people don’t receive messages because they simply close themselves off to them.

“Some people’s grief holds them and almost becomes like a wall between them and that person,” Davis said. “It’s not until they can let that grief go that they can open themselves up to the fact that they didn’t really lose that person.”

If you want to receive a message from a loved one, McGill suggests setting your intentions on connecting with them.

“You have to talk to them like they’re here and they’ll come through,” McGill said.

The book warns readers to be clear about the kind of message that you want to receive. In one story, the lights flickered on and off, which scared the recipient of the message.

In Davis’s experience the closer you were to the loved one on the other side, the longer it takes to receive a message from them. McGill said many cultures say contact with the departed occurs about one year after their death.

“It’s like having a friend that you want to call you,” Davis said. “When the time is right for both of you, the connection will come.”

Readers have given the book positive reviews. Out of 10 reviews on, eight of them gave the book five stars. Two others gave the book four.

“This book is a true gift to humanity,” one review said. “In times that can be confusing and unsettling, Live From the Other Side provides hope and inspiration to those who wonder if there is another dimension after this one.”