Wednesday, April 18, 2012

ASPLU names new goals

By Ian Metz, ASPLU President; Taylor Astel, ASPLU Vice President

At the beginning of the term April 1, neither of us would have predicted what a time commitment changing ASPLU would be.

For the many students unaware of what we do, the Associated Students of Pacific Lutheran University is your student government here at PLU. What that means exactly has come to be a very difficult question to answer simply.

We are a group of students who, for a variety of reasons, help bring not only fun programs such as concerts, festivals, dances and other events to campus, but also work to ensure that student voices are represented in major campus decisions and policy changes.

When we took office this month, we had a goal to change the way ASPLU operates and to make it transparent and accessible, but most of all effective.

Since then, ASPLU has begun planning changes for next year, including but not limited to a complete restructuring of the Senate, the creation of a public relations director, adjustments to make it easier for student groups to receive funding for special projects and events from the Senate, an increase in funding for appropriations to student clubs, the creation of unifying student creed or honor code and many other changes to the way ASPLU connects with students and conveys student views to faculty and staff.

With April already nearly gone, ASPLU is racing to implement these changes before the year comes to a close.

When you come back for the 2012-2013 school year, be on the lookout for new initiatives and ways to not only be involved with ASPLU, but to also use it as a resource.

While we want to continue bringing new programs and other entertainment to campus, we hope to reestablish what it means for ASPLU to be the voice of the student body.

As your executives for next year, both of us are excited to make ASPLU the best it can be for the student body, and, most importantly, to give students every opportunity to be a part of the process for years to come.