Thursday, February 23, 2012

Tennis Team Moves To Sprinker

By Sam Horn, Sports Reporter

Weather in Washington state can be unpredictable in terms of rain and cold temperatures. Because of this, Pacific Lutheran’s tennis teams will move indoors for home games.

The new location of choice is Sprinker Recreation Center, located five minutes away in Spanaway at 14824 So. C Street.

“Both the men’s and women’s tennis teams partnered with Sprinker because it rains a lot here, so we needed an indoor court, and Sprinker was able to give us courts for our matches,” tennis player first-year Catherine Miolla said.

Once it starts raining, it becomes very difficult to play tennis. Wet tennis balls are hard on tennis rackets, wearing hard on the strings that make up the face of the racket.

In addition, the court becomes slippery and dangerous since players have to run back and forth, often stopping suddenly to make cuts.

Some players prefer to play indoors rather than battle with the elements outside.

“Personally, I like playing indoors, as its fast and the conditions are stable,” tennis player senior Daniel Cotton said. “Also, it’s warmer than outside this time of year.”

Sprinker’s revenue will get a boost from the tennis teams’ presence there for games and practices.

“We used to be able to go play tennis anytime pretty much for free, but now we have to pay,” Cotton said. “We can take a tennis class four times a week for a month for $40.”

Sprinker Recreation Center might be what PLU has been looking for in terms of a consistent place to play home matches.

Men’s tennis has dominated in past seasons, finishing in either first or second place 37 of 39 years. Look for the Lutes to take advantage of playing indoors to add to their impressive feat of ousting their competition for more than 30 years.

Last season the women’s tennis team ended in ninth place in conference play.

The last time the women’s tennis team finished in first place in the Northwest Conference was 1999.