Thursday, February 23, 2012

TECH TALK: Three must-have devices for college students

By Christopher Grouse, Guest Writer

Let’s face it. We love our electronics. They are human to us and when the stress of school and relationships causes our feelings to sink, the best thing we can do is forget our troubles and get endlessly emerged in the soulful world of electronics.

But are we paying appropriate homage to the sanctity of these devices? How do we know when we have the right technology to complete ourselves? Not to worry. Here are the three must-have devices of 2012.


Despite the unfortunate death of Steve Jobs, Apple's grand momentum cannot be stopped. Apple products are easy to use and the intuitive operating systems make Windows users look like Cro-Magnons discovering fire.

With the number of downloaded apps approaching 25 billion, according to the Apple website, it is clear what people prefer. But one Apple device in particular stands out as superior, and that is, of course, the iPad.

With it, you can bring many of the countless activities that you do on a daily basis into one powerful device.

The iPad uses a dual-core processing unit that allows for multitasking and faster processing speed.

With it, you can keep up to date with news, friends and, of course, Facebook. It implements the intuitive design of other Apple products and makes many tasks, from reading books to checking email, fast and easy. It will be exciting to see what the iPad 3 will look like.

Kindle Fire

You have to get Amazon’s Kindle Fire.

It excels the Nook because Kindle Fire has cloud computing, meaning that your movies, games and books are stored on the Amazon server, saving space on the actual device.

The Nook lacks this feature, according to

The Kindle Fire even surpasses the Nook in book selection. As its website states, Amazon gives you millions of book titles, including free books.

If that isn't enough, Amazon can send you a hard copy of pretty much any book you need.

But bindings aside, the Kindle Fire gives you a reading experience you can’t get from a book.

Droid Razr

With cell phones becoming ever more powerful, two things are critical in determining a cell's success: what you can do with it and its portability.

Both Motorola’s Android series and Apple’s iPhone have been enormously successful in this regard. Both offer enormous flexibility in regards to customizing screen layout and GPS capabilities. However, the Droid Razr is just sexier. Its sleek design makes it very easy to carry and fashionable to own.

Droid Razr has a superior processing power, according to, with 1.2 GHz compared to 800 MHz in the iPhone 4S. The Droid Razr is faster than the iPhone 4S. Also, the memory capacity of the Droid Razr is greater with 1 gigabytes of RAM versus 512 megabytes. It can hold more memory for the programs you run on it.

Droid is the clear winner in this market.