Thursday, December 1, 2011

Northwest guard puts hurt on Lutes

Eagles soar over Lutes 81-58, Lutes lose for first time of season

By Brandon Adam, Guest Reporter

The Pacific Lutheran women’s basketball team experienced its first loss of the season against Northwest University’s Eagles, losing 58-81 Tuesday.

The game started with Eagles’ guard Ebany Herd making the tip to the Eagles. The Eagles got on the board quickly with a three-pointer by guard Mari Gonzalez 22 seconds into the game. Gonzalez would make six points in the game with one assist.

The Lutes trailed the Eagles the whole game but were not able to keep up against the Eagles aggressive defense. By the end of the first half, the Eagles were up by 12.

The Eagles dominated offensively and defensively throughout the second half.

The Lutes attacked the key viciously but missed crucial shots. Herd made layups difficult for the Lutes. The Eagles were much more consistent in scoring and stealing the ball.

Herd was a key player in the Eagles’ defense and offense with seven steals, scoring a total of 10 points.

The steals made for more scoring opportunities for the Eagles.

“We just kept it going on the defense,” Herd said.

The Lutes struggled throughout the game to contain the Eagles and Herd.

“She was really aggressive and we needed to defend her better,” Lute guard sophomore Samantha Potter said.

The Eagles’ highest-scoring player in the game was center Jessalyn Jackson, who also made key defensive plays. Jackson scored eight shots and a three pointer and also made three blocks and a steal. She scored 24 points.

Potter scored a total of 17 points in the game but it was not enough for the Lutes to keep pace with the Eagles.

Both teams struggled with three pointers, each team only making five by the end of the game. The Lutes had a better percentage, making five out of 12 attempts, while the Eagles made five out of 16 attempts.

So far this was the Lutes’ best three-point shooting average of the season. Lute guard junior Shelly Kilcup made three out of six three-pointer attempts, boosting the Lutes’ shooting average.

Kilcup was also a prominent defensive player in the Lutes’ performance, making two blocks and four steals.

It was a loss for the Lutes but the team remained optimistic.

“This was the first team we really struggled against,” Lute guard and team-captain senior Sara Backstrom said.

Backstrom said she hopes that this game will prepare the team for future games.