Friday, December 2, 2011

F--- S--- Up drops the ball

By Elyse Glahn, Guest Reporter

College students may now return to their childhood pastime of playing dodgeball. Some Lutes have teamed up to compete for the intramural dodgeball championship title.

The season began in late October and came to a close as both the co-ed and mens teams competed in the semi-finals Monday and the championships Wednesday at the field house in Olson Gym. The teams competed for a black and gold championship T-shirt.

The championship matches ended with a victory for co-ed team L.F.S.U. – Love, Faith, Strength, Unity – when the Pflueger team failed to show. For the men’s match, it came down to the defending champs, Voodoo Magic, versus F---- S---- Up.

The teams were tied with two games until Voodoo Magic senior Riley Hoyer made the winning shot.

Dodgeball has been a part of the intramural program for five years. There are currently four co-ed teams and five men’s teams. Each team has six players on each side of a boundary line, officially referred to as the attack line.

At the beginning of the game, six balls are lined up at the attack line, ready for each team to grab the balls and throw them at their opponents. Not unlike, a Civil War standoff, the teams line up perpendicularly, waiting to strike the opposing team. This part of the game is called the opening rush. Once a player has the ball at this point, they cannot throw from less than 10 feet away.

Players don’t use the rubber balls that may have been used in grade school. Instead, the official balls used for adult leagues are made of a softer, spongy material.

For both regular and championship matches, the teams compete for best of five games. Each game is seven minutes long, and if neither team gets out when time is up, there is a “sudden death” match in which the game ends as soon as a player is hit. The teams usually play two matches per week during the regular season.

“The kids really get into it and get all costumed up for the event,” said intramural sports director Jud Keim. “They make their own jerseys and head bands.”

F---- S---- Up senior Tommy Rehm said the team came into the dodgeball championships with too much confidence because of their previous intramural flag football championship title. Rehm said he was a very competitive dodgeball player back in junior high.

“We didn’t win because all of our efforts went into flag football,” Rehm said. “Maybe if we had more rest in between the sports seasons, we would have had a chance.”

Rehm also said they didn’t have much practice time.

Dodgeball matches start up again this J-term.