Thursday, November 10, 2011

Sustainability urges for department unity

As student workers in the Sustainability Department, we were disappointed in the Oct. 28 article “Banned bottles hide on campus” by Nick Neely.

The article seems to completely undermine the efforts of PLU towards campus-wide sustainability, specifically that of the Take Back the Tap campaign and the banning of bottled water.

If the point of this article is to highlight the discrepancy between the banning of bottled water sales and the selling of bottled water in vending machines, there should have been more in-depth discussion of the specificities of the contract with Pepsi and how that has, or has not, been shared with students.

Instead, the article chose to highlight quotes taken out of context that imply value-driven conflicts between various departments.

Rather than fostering and creating tensions between departments that we know work together toward building a sustainable campus on a regular basis, we in the Sustainability Department would prefer that The Mooring Mast focus on the issue at hand and less on imagined conflicts between departments.

Danielle Palmer, senior
Katy Guinn, senior
Erin Liden, junior
Murphy Eakes, senior
Liz Austin, senior
Sean Andrascik, senior
Ben Cruz, junior
Becca Nichols, junior
Riley Swanson, first-year
saac Moening-Swanson, first-year
Krista Fredricks, junior
Orion Bras, junior