Friday, November 4, 2011

New logo ‘ReuKnights’ some, dissatisfies others

By  Elyse Glahn, Guest Writer

After regaining a mascot last year, the Lutes have a new athletic logo that can be seen on various garments and athletic gear this year.

Pacific Lutheran University didn’t have a mascot until 1974. This was when the Lutes first became known as the Knights, although it was discontinued in 1984. During that time, the student body and athletic department preferred to be known as only the Lutes, and it was decided to not have the Knight involved at all.

It took five years to get the Knight back on campus. The Student Athletic Advisory Committee met every other week to choose a new name for the mascot. SAAC went through 150 student-picked names, and after two months they finally came up with Sir Lance a Lute.

When asked why the mascot was brought back, David Vedder, marketing and promotions intern for athletic administration, said it was a decision brought upon by the students.

“Athletes wanted a tangible object to go with the school,” Vedder said. “It’s a way to honor the past.”

The new Knight logo made its debut this fall. University Communications made the decision for the final logo.

The process took 18 months.

Vedder said there are 33 different logo formats. The logo follows a strict guideline, where the look of the knight and the color can’t be altered.

“I feel like we are finally represented by something,” senior Rebecca Ford said.

There has been some criticism from the student body.

“I like the logo, but I wish that they could change the block letter font to the signature script font that is used for our ‘Lute’ logo,” junior Karen Hatlen said.

As for athletic teams, the logo will only appear on Varsity gear. There isn’t a plan to associate it with club or intramural sports right now. However, Vedder said that the new Knight logo will eventually replace the “Lute” script on the basketball court floor in Olson Gymnasium.

However, there have been mixed reviews about this change.

“I like the old one. Old school is where it’s at,” women’s basketball guard sophomore Allie Hamilton said.

Her teammate, guard senior Sara Backstrom said, “It’d be nice to get new paint on the floor.”

The idea for the new plan has been brought up, but there isn’t a timeline set up at the moment said Vedder.