Thursday, November 10, 2011

Lutes prepare for zombie attack

Students responsible for own safety in disaster situation

By Nick Neely, News Reporter

The Department of Emergency Programs at Pacific Lutheran University has the task of preparing students for all kinds of emergencies. Zombies were the topic of preparation Nov. 3.

Student assistant sophomore Katie Hoffman led the meeting. Emergency Programs isn’t seriously worried about a zombie attack, Hoffman said.

“We’re trying to use zombies as an example of something that you want to be prepared for,” Hoffman said.

The CDC’s zombie preparedness program inspired the Emergency Department’s program, Director of Emergency Programs Jennifer Wamboldt said.

“If you’re prepared for zombies, you’re prepared for anything,” said Wamboldt.

The Emergency Department showed the film Night of the Living Dead and occasionally interrupted the movie to discuss how to be prepared for an emergency, such as a zombie attack. Besides a shotgun, Hoffman said students would need food supplies, water, a first aid kit and a flashlight to be prepared for a zombie attack.

“It doesn’t take much time, but it is important if there is an emergency,” Hoffman said.

A highlighted point at the program was that help may not necessarily be available. There could be a situation, like in Night of the Living Dead, where law enforcement agencies make an appearance only in the ending.

“People in general are in the opinion that someone else is going to save them,” Wamboldt said. “In a real disaster situation, we have to be able to take care of ourselves.”

Sophomore Victoria Breskovich said that she felt more prepared for an emergency.

“I feel much more prepared, especially for a zombie apocalypse,” sophomore Dorothy Pierce said.

Emergency Programs has not run a campaign like this before, said Wamboldt. The department is also in charge of applying for grants to upgrade safety measures in buildings, along with working with Campus Safety and Information.