Friday, November 4, 2011

A cappella groups bring 'old classics up to date'

By Dianne McGinness, A&E Reporter

The HERmonic and PLUtonic a cappella groups’ first concert of the year brought two entirely different genres of music together.

Senior Luke Stromberg of PLUtonic performs at Trinity Lutheran Church
as part of the concert “Pop Meets Classical” Sunday night. The
concert – which included members of PLUtonic, HERmonic and Illumni
Men’s Chorale – combined contemporary and classical songs.
Photo by Kevin Knodell
With featured performance group the Illumni Men’s Chorale, the concert “Pop Meets Classical” combined both pop and classical music Sunday night at Trinity Lutheran Church.

The Illumni Men’s Chorale began the show with what sounded like a 15th century classical piece but surprised the audience by transitioning into “… Baby One More Time” by Britney Spears.

Illumni General Manager Chris McCafferty said when the group auditioned for America’s Got Talent, they were “asked to break out of the box a little bit.” As a result, the group sings “Popssical” music: pop and classical music blended together.

“I liked the theme because it brought two different music genres together,” said junior Marin Gaydeski, who attended the concert, “and it brought old classics up to date.”

Illumni also performed an arrangement of Rihanna’s “Disturbia,” a pop song that featured a classical twist.

“Some people would consider that murdering Rihanna’s song,” McCafferty said to the audience at the end of the song. “I like to call it artistic.”

Each a cappella group performed both pop and classical music with an intermission dividing the two genres.

HERmonic President senior Kylie Lewinski thought the concert was a success.

“It was awesome,” Lewinski said. “I feel so good about it. I’m amazed at our sound for the beginning of the year and look forward to the places we will go during the rest of the year.”

HERmonic’s set featured a “Diva Mash up” arranged by junior Marina Pitassi, which featured songs by Katy Perry, Rihanna and Ke$ha. The group also sang two classical songs: “And So it Goes” and “Precious Lord.”

PLUtonic‘s set included “Nothin’ on You” by B.O.B, a song that merited a standing ovation from a few audience members. They also sang three classical pieces including “Pie Jesu” and “Lach Lommand,” both of which the group performed in previous years.

At the conclusion of the concert, all three groups joined together and a final piece, Moses Hogan’s “Elijah Rock.”

“The first time we had ever made it through ‘Elijah Rock’ was today,” Lewinski said, adding that the piece went very well since the groups had sung through it only three times.

About 140 PLU students, family members and Tacoma community members attended the concert.

“We had a very good responsive audience,” PLUtonic member sophomore Taylor Capellaro said. “It was good to connect with another a cappella group in another city and get to know their story.”